You're ready to turn those ideas into a video,
but there's a ton of stuff to work through.

You know that your ideal customers are out there just waiting to find out about you.

... But the process of actually making those videos, has you at a standstill.

Cringe at the way you look or sound on camera?  Overwhelmed by all the different technologies?  Feeling like you have NO idea where to start is enough to make you run?

You’re definitely not alone. There are things that can make the process a whole lot easier. And I’m here to take you step by step so you can make that promotional video of your dreams that will show the world what you're all about!


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"The best thing is how the course is structured with exercises that made me think of what connects to my brand. Takes my elevator pitch to the next level! It all ties very nicely and is so relevant to how we need to think of ourselves as businesses." Carron McCabe - Revolution Hoops

"Emmy Wu is THE camera goddess for anyone who wants their films to look pro. I have encountered the work of so many well-meaning video people who are showing entrepreneurs how to get comfortable on the camera or make due with just an iphone video. But I kept having so many more questions they just wouldn't answer. Then I found Emmy. She shows you both the basics and soooo much more, and all in her super sweet, beginner-friendly presentations. She is clear, detailed and very easy to follow. Her suggestions for gear have taken our films to a whole new level of professionalism - not that you need fancy gear, but if you have questions she really answers them! And her instructions about the filming and editing itself is unbeatable. The students in our online classes are in for a whole new level from us, all thanks to Emmy."

Susan Tenney - Elemental Acupressure

"You are awesome! Thank you for all your talents and wisdom that you generously share with the world. I have learned so much from you as well as been inspired to get in front of the camera!"

Tisha Marina - I Choose Peace

Your story is what sets you apart.


Your authentic voice should be heard in your video because that's the secret to creating an immediate emotional connection between your viewer and your brand.

This course won't just teach you how to make a video. It's a course in video branding where I show you how to balance the creative with the technical (but not too technical).

We'll dig deep to find those beautiful sparkly bits of your personal experiences, and create a magnetic brand message that is designed to attract clients and customers.

Yes, you can totally create the video of your dreams and it all starts with a plan. I'll teach you everything that you need to know to get started, and show you how to get to that finish line.

Are you ready to turn those ideas into a clear video action plan?

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Hello! I'm Emmy Wu.

I created this program for entrepreneurs who are ready to start connecting with customers and clients using videos, by crafting a unique video story. I have spent over 15 years working in the film industry, and have shot dozens of promotional videos for coaches, online entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits like Habitat for Humanity. I've always been fascinated with moving images and started a career in film and broadcast cameras even before high definition existed. But, I also knew that just understanding camera settings was only part of the equation. Being able to tell a story that genuinely connects with people is where the magic is.

Connecting people with stories is my passion. And I'll show you how to use your story as your most authentic business asset, and craft it into a beautiful and impactful video.

This 8-week video training is perfect for you if:

  • You have a brilliant product or service that you’re ready to get in front of more eyes with videos.
  • You want to learn the best tricks and practices for speaking on camera naturally.
  • You need some guidance with the technology so you don’t end up wasting tons of time (and energy!).
  • You want to learn the most effective way of selling, without being salesy.
  • You want to be a part of a community where you get live interaction and feedback from me.
  • You want REAL tech tips and actions on how to create videos, and not just that fluffy stuff.

"This course has been so helpful!  The "One Person" exercise, 3 keywords, and brand statement made it really easy to figure out the structure of my video. By the end of the homework I felt ready for the next module! Thank you so much for this series!!"

Carrie Davis - Sweet Baby Wraps

"This course is helpful and resourceful. A class for real professionals, in my mind. I think many other entrepreneurs will benefit from this class you are offering. I'm sharing your class wherever I can, and hope that more will join."

Katy Wu - Virtual Plus Chinese Tutor


Enter your information below to be the first to know when the course is ready for enrolment. You won’t want to miss this!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

I'm not just going to teach you how to make videos.

I'm going to teach you how to turn your brand into a visual magnet for dream clients.