You're a bold-ass, purpose-infused,
dare-to-dream-bigger kinda entrepreneur.

And you KNOW that videos can fast-track your biz into "holy shizzle, she's on fire" mode.

... But the process of actually making those videos ... uhhhhh, kinda has you at a standstill.

Overwhelmed by the thought of all the tech (lighting, shooting, editing ... ACK!!)  

Frustrated at all the hours spent toiling over videos that STILL don't look the way you want them to?

Cringe at the way you look or sound on camera? 

Videos can feel overwhelming and scary. But it doesn't have to be that way!

I'm SO stoked that you're here because I can make your video journey a whole lot easier (and way more fun!).

Imagine if you could ...

  • Have a magnetic video brand message that instantly connects with more of the RIGHT people and elevates your brand awareness.
  • Have complete confidence in the technology and a super-focused game plan EVERY time you make a video.
  • Transform your camera self-doubt into true, authentic, storytelling confidence.
  • Harness the full power of videos to automate your business marketing so you can continually generate more leads and revenue than ever before. 

Your story is what sets you apart.

The truth is, you can totally create videos that generate buzz like nobody's business.

If you really want to start connecting with the people that matter to you, it's about having an solid action plan and knowing how to turn images into emotions. Because it's emotions that connect viewers to your brand, and converts them into paying customers and clients.

There's no doubt that videos have the power to transform your business marketing, and continually build that know, like and trust factor, even before you make contact. Videos that help you to put your best foot forward, stand out, and engage in a way that is completely and authentically YOU will undoubtedly elevate your brand so you can reach more, charge more and do more of what you love.

And guess what? You already have it in you.

Your authentic voice is the secret to attracting boatloads of raving fans and dream clients by creating an immediate emotional connection between your viewer and your brand.

But how do you turn your story into a beautiful, compelling (and seriously fun to make!) video?

That's exactly what I teach inside Craft to Camera: an 8-week video training program designed to shift your video mindset and get you moving from:

"Ermagherrrrd, where do I even start?"

to ...

"Holy cannelloni! I just booked 6 new clients from my video!!"

 I won't just teach you how to make videos. I'm going to show you how to turn your authentic story into a visual magnet of a promotional video that is designed to attract so much attention, you won't know what to do with it.

Yes, you can TOTALLY create the video of your dreams and it all starts with an action plan.

"Emmy has helped me transform a vague idea into a beautiful, engaging and easy to execute video! I now have the tools and blueprint to take my business into videoland with confidence. Emmy's ability to empower a hopeful small business owner has crushed by video self doubt. And the result ... video self confidence!"

Carron McCabe - Hooptality

"When I found Craft to Camera, I was looking for help to create videos with a combination of screenshots from my computer, and myself speaking, but I had no idea where to start. I am so thankful to have met Emmy because with her guidance I am getting over my fear of recording myself, improving the clarity of my script (so I don’t stumble over words), and feeling sure about the best tech and tool options for me (plus lots of tips on how to use it!).

I have taken many courses online and I have never experienced so much support! Some courses arrive in your Inbox each week and that is the extent of your interaction with the instructor, but Emmy offers INCREDIBLE support all the way through! She offers moral support and technical support, and does these equally great. Thank you Emmy, for making this fun and exciting instead of stressful!"

Nikki Lussier - Leaf Print Design

"The video that I created turned out to be beyond my wildest dreams of what I was aiming for before I started the course. I keep watching it over and over because I can hardly believe that I did this all by myself. It feels like a video that I would have hired someone to create for me. And the fact that I made this video with a repeatable process that I can turn around and do again, is really exciting for a creative entrepreneur."

Connie Holen - Connie Holen Design

Hello! I'm Emmy Wu!

I created this program for entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about using videos to connect with dream clients and grow their business like never before.

I've worked in the film industry for over 15 years with professional and broadcast cameras for clients like Paramount Studios and MGM to help bring their vision to life on the screen. 

I have also used videos to effectively convert viewers into paying customers for myself and my clients (like, over and over again!).

Connecting people with stories is my passion, and I'm going to teach you how to turn your story into a visual client magnet.

This 8-week video training is perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to REALLY use videos to continually generate new leads and double your income.
  • You're ready to get RESULTS with a course instructor who is present throughout the program.
  • You want ACTIONABLE tips to make more effective videos, and not just that fluffy stuff.
  • You want to be a part of a supportive community where you get tons of helpful feedback.
  • You're DONE with wasting tons of time (and energy!) trying to figure out the technology.
  • Instant Access to Exclusive Members Area

    Exclusive library of lesson and bonus videos, downloadable audio files and gorgeous pdf workbooks. We can work together week by week, or you’re welcome to just dive right in to all the content!

  • Lifetime Access to updates & materials

    It’s important to me that all the content stays up to date even as technology changes. I will be updating course materials and adding bonuses so you always know what options are available for your videos!

If you're ready to take the leap with video, then this video training is designed to get you the RESULTS!

After this course, you'll walk away with an incredible promotional video, PLUS the knowledge and confidence to tackle any video project with a super-focused game plan.

I'll teach you the exact techniques that I use to create videos that convert into paying customers for my clients. Plus, you'll also have the knowledge to shortcut your approach to videos forever.

 Sure, hiring a videographer takes the stress out of making videos. But are you willing to pay someone every single time you want to make a video?

Or would you rather have the knowledge to pull off incredible videos by yourself, any time you want?


When you understand how to put an effective video together, even if you outsource in the future, you are guaranteed to have full creative control over your videos because you'll know exactly how to visually express your vision, and do it totally authentically with the right message.

Your videos are your business ambassadors that work for you to connect with ideal clients and build relationships for you. If you're not seeing results with your current videos, then there is a leak somewhere in your video plan. So, let's fix that shall we?

Your business simply can't be missing out on the opportunities that video will bring you. It's simply the most powerful marketing tool that you need to be taking advantage of.

The videos you make inside Craft to Camera are designed to connect with your audience, sell your authentic story, and ultimately, convert viewers into loyal customers and clients.


Lifetime Membership

  • 8 modules of actionable video training, plus in-lesson bonus videos.
  • 8 gorgeous fillable pdf workbooks designed to get your clarity and on track with downloadable mp3's and lesson transcripts.
  • Library of Bonus video lessons with pdf workbooks designed to take your video (and business!) strategy even further.
  • Full lifetime access and updates to all materials.

Here's why Craft to Camera isn't just another course

What's inside the Member's Area?

As a member, you'll have lifetime access to the all the video training, downloadable pdf workbooks, mp3 files and transcripts, extra in-lesson bonus videos, plus lifetime updates (because we know technology changes!) to give you the most solid knowledge of video. Ever.

From concept to delivery, I've got your back! And with our private Members Only Facebook group, you can be assured that you'll always have my helping hand when you need it.



Strategically start your video game plan by knowing the 3 types of business videos that will help to reach more people and elevate your brand. By the end of the course, you'll already have a gorgeous promo video under your belt, and you'll be able to tackle any of these other videos with ease to continually grow your video strategy (and video fans!). BONUS - NAILING 3 KEY POINTS YOU NEED TO COVER IN YOUR VIDEO



Your brand story is your secret to positioning yourself in the marketplace. Create a compelling and magnetic brand that triggers emotion and moves your viewers them into action. You'll nail exactly what your audience wants to know with your unique strengths to create a magnetic brand message that you can use across all your videos. BONUS - CREATING A MAGNETIC BRAND MESSAGE WORKBOOK



Learn the formula for building a compelling story arc that creates an immediate emotional connection with your viewer. You don't have to be a writer to craft a powerful message! I'll walk you through several fun exercises that will make sure your script is authentic and totally you, while keeping your message succinct and effective. Learn my tried and true techniques that I've applied to interviewing dozens of people on camera, and feel how natural and fun it can be to tell your story on camera! BONUS - BEGINNING, MIDDLE & END SCRIPT WORKBOOK



Brainstorm for the vision of your video by thinking creatively and preparing technically. Learn how to set up your camera correctly to shoot your interview and supplemental b-roll footage in any condition. Understand all the technical foundations such as lighting, frame rates and camera movements that will help to illustrate your story and ensure your shoot and edit are fun and successful! BONUS - B-ROLL FOOTAGE & STORYBOARD BRAINSTORM WORKBOOK



This module could be a standalone course itself! Actionable mindset shifting exercises that will have you speaking in front of the camera with confidence. Fun techniques to ditch anxiety and bring the focus back to YOU, the Star! Identify your personalized style of storytelling (which is far more effective than an overly staged presentation!). Plus everything you need to know to set up your lights, camera and audio correctly so your footage is flawless. BONUS - CAMERA SET-UP & INTERVIEW PROMPT QUESTIONS



B-roll is that gorgeous supplemental footage that helps you to create a powerful, emotional experience for your viewer. Creatively plan your b-roll footage to represent your unique style and brand that sets you apart. No more boring talking heads! Your videos will shine with cohesion so unique story and magnetic brand message shines through. Plus, I'll show you a crazy easy but GORGEOUS trick that you can do at home that you can use as your intro or b-roll footage. I can't wait to show you! BONUS - B-ROLL IDEAS WORKBOOK & CHEAT SHEET + BONUS VIDEO - WATER EFFECT FOR B-ROLL & INTROS



Make your competition obsolete by distinguishing your product's unique benefits and values visually. Know which stories will drive that emotional connection with your viewer that leads to conversions. Create a stylized mini-set that helps to illustrate your brand without ever leaving your home! You'll know exactly all the tools you'll need to showcase and light your products so it looks nothing short of captivating. BONUS - MINI- SET RESOURCES LIST



Navigate iMovie with ease and learn the formula for organizing your files for an easy and streamlined edit. No more overwhelm! Even if you have never edited before, my step-by-step instructions will ensure you stay on track. The result is a gorgeous, story-driven video that creates an emotional experience for your viewers that will lock them into your brand message and convert them into customers and clients. BONUS - iMOVIE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS CHEAT SHEET + SHARING & TRACKING YOUR VIDEO + HOW TO SYNC AUDIO IN iMOVIE & FINAL CUT PRO + HOW TO PREPARE DSLR FOOTAGE FOR EDITING

Plus, the BONUS Lessons!


The different programs that you can choose from to edit your footage can get confusing (and overwhelming!). But not when Paige is here to help! Paige is a star in front and behind the camera, and she'll walk you through creating a dynamic video edit from beginning to end, using pro techniques including transitions, text and soundtracks in a way that true to Paige's personality: fun!


Screenflow is an amazing program that packs a ton of functionality. But, it can be daunting. But not when Val is here to help you simplify and streamline the process. She guides you step-by-step to create a branded intro and killer videos that include: recording your screen, importing images, audio, adding text and even easily duplicating your video project! You'll learn how to use this program with ease and Val's motto: simplicity.


You can use Screenflow, Camtasia, or virtually any editing program to create a dynamic branded intro for your video with your logo by using effects, animated text and transitions for a totally customized look. Once I show you step-by-step how this is done, you'll be surprised at how easy it is!


I'll show you how to easily create beautiful slide videos for your online course that incorporates your Keynote or Powerpoint slides, voice-overs and screen captures. Psssst! It's exactly the technique I used to create all the videos inside this course, and it's not just recording the screen!


Now that you're going to have dream clients banging down your door, you're going to need a pricing structure in your business that works for you! Tina is a pricing and numbers extraordinaire and shares a ton of practical, actionable steps to take to make sure your business is efficient, profitable and sustainable!


Pair your videos with one of the biggest social media networks available, and you have a seriously killer combo that ensures visibility and engagement. Lara shares her social media genius and her insider knowledge on what works when it comes to getting the most brand visibility on Facebook with your videos and content.


Know how to stage your living room or workspace so your videos look pro and totally YOU. Learn some fun interior decorating tricks that will help you to make a lasting impression on your viewers.



Where we dive even deeper into the weekly content, jam on creative ideas, and get your questions answered with screen shares. There's no better way to get answers to your real-world questions, and you'll always have access to this library of resources.

I'm committed to getting you on a focused video action-plan, and boatloads of buzz to prove it!

See what the other Members have to say!

"Emmy is amazingly creative, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She really takes the time to help you bring to life the vision that you have for your videos. Given her experience and creativity, she will come up with fantastic ideas for your videos that you would never have thought of, and from start to finish she is truly invested in helping you create videos that showcase you and your work in the best light. This is why it's worth every penny to pay someone who is a master of their craft and Emmy is definitely that. She was also great at helping novices like myself get comfortable in front of the camera and gave me some great strategies to improve my camera presence. I would unreservedly recommend Emmy to any entrepreneur who wants a first class video expert to help bring their brand to life."

Pauline Cheung -

"Emmy Wu is THE camera goddess for anyone who wants their films to look pro. I have encountered the work of so many well-meaning video people who are showing entrepreneurs how to get comfortable on the camera or make due with just an iphone video. But I kept having so many more questions they just wouldn't answer. Then I found Emmy. She shows you both the basics and soooo much more, and all in her super sweet, beginner-friendly presentations. She is clear, detailed and very easy to follow. Her suggestions for gear have taken our films to a whole new level of professionalism - not that you need fancy gear, but if you have questions she really answers them! And her instructions about the filming and editing itself is unbeatable. The students in our online classes are in for a whole new level from us, all thanks to Emmy."

Susan Tenney -

"Emmy is Ahhhhh-Mazing. She has a magic blend of technical, creative and strategy with a deep understanding of video marketing which is rare to find. Her strategy forces you to think big picture and then helps hand hold you to implement all of it. I totally recommend her as the resource to use when you are looking at turning your videos pro."

Yasmine Khater -

"Emmy is pure genius when it comes to making something that seems complicated - video! - really accessible. I used to be intimidated by that recording light on my camera but with Emmy's leadership I feel confident in creating powerful and beautiful videos for my programs and products. If you haven't already worked with Emmy, I highly suggest you do so before her calendar is booked out for years to come!"

Val Geisler -

"I cannot gush enough about Emmy. She really brought my vision to life when I didn't know who to look to to help me create a promotional video for my business. After our first meeting, she came back to me with full storyboards of the scenes. It literally blew me out of the water. It was like she took my ideas and turned them into a grand screenplay that I never could've imagined or come up with on my own. She really pays attention to the details to make sure that your personality shines through. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Summer Innanen -

"You are awesome! Thank you for all your talents and wisdom that you generously share with the world. I have learned so much from you as well as been inspired to get in front of the camera!"

Tisha Marina - I Choose Peace

"If you love it, put your face on it... but don't try it without Ms. Emmy Wu! No one would ever call ME shy, but I just COULDN'T get it together to create video for my business. Even though I knew it was past time to do it! Emmy broke it down into easy, accessible, DO-ABLE steps. There's no one I recommend more highly when it comes to adding the fastest-growing media format to your online business."

Lara Eastburn -

"Emmy's an expert in her craft, has such a grounded and fun disposition, and is so open and ready to answer any questions about the process you may have! Her authenticity and generosity to the Craft to Camera students is amazing. I'm so glad that I found her!"

Dana Garced -

"I love how the whole process was laid out sequentially inside Craft to Camera! It made it really easy to figure out the structure of my video. By the end of each lesson, I felt completely ready for the next module! Thank you so much for this!!"

Carrie Davis -

This course will not only transform the way you look at videos, it'll boost your business confidence because you'll have a solid video strategy.

You'll know exactly how to use videos to ROCK your business.

Where will your business be one year from now if you had the right video strategy in place?

As soon as you purchase, you will have instant access to all the materials so you can start brainstorming your video game plan. Plus, you'll have my support in our private Members Only Facebook group so you're totally solid on the knowledge and know which actions to take to get your videos the results you want.

Think about it this way ...

How would you feel if you had the single, most powerful business video that your business needs to start promoting your offers, and reaching more people ... all within 8 weeks?

How many new customers and clients would you have if you had an automated video marketing system that continually builds new relationships while you're sleeping?

How much more time would you spend on growing your business and doing what you love, instead of blindly testing your video strategy?

How much easier and more productive would you be because you know that you have a solid video plan that feels authentic and totally YOU?

Your lifetime membership (and access to all updates!) ensures that you are ahead of the video game, so you can start reaping the benefits of video NOW.

It's time to accelerate your business using the power of videos, and start getting the attention that your business deserves!

Ready to shout your brand message from the digital rooftops?

Lifetime Membership

  • 8 modules of actionable video training, plus in-lesson bonus videos.
  • 8 gorgeous fillable pdf workbooks designed to get your clarity and on track with downloadable mp3's and lesson transcripts.
  • Library of Bonus video lessons with pdf workbooks designed to take your video (and business!) strategy even further.
  • Full lifetime access and updates to all materials.

I want you to have total confidence stepping into your decision, but if you still have some lingering questions, let's talk about them.

What's a promotional video?

It's the single, most powerful video to connect with more people, communicate your unique value, and convert viewers into loyal customers. It could be a video on your homepage that shows your viewer more about your brand, or it could invite your viewer to learn more about a specific offer.

When you understand how to structure a promotional video, it gives you all the foundational knowledge to tackle any other video project with total clarity and ease. It's the creme de la creme video that you'll want for your business above any other. And you'll know exactly how to pull it off.

What if I don't want to be on camera?

I'll walk you through some key exercises that will forever change the way you think about being on camera. Seriously. I've used this technique with dozens of clients to warm them up and get them talking like how they ACTUALLY speak. It works and it's FUN.

But, if you are set on not being in front of the camera, that's cool too! You'll know how to use just your voice, images and a soundtrack to create a Faceless edit that will convey your message just the same.

I'm not sure if I can edit. I looks intimidating.

I've got your back! We've had members who had never even opened an editing program before and now they're swimming through iMovie! With my guidance, you won't ever feel intimidated by technology again. I walk you through step-by-step on how to lay down every element for your edit in iMovie. There are guiding principals that you should follow, so even if you're using a different editing program, you'll understand the fundamentals. Once you get the hang of it, your videos will never be the same again.

Do I have to buy new gear?

I always recommend that you start with the gear that you already have! Many members have started out only their smartphones and gotten great results. When you're ready to upgrade, you'll have access to my recommended resources, bonus video lessons on DSLR workflow, and most importantly, you'll know where to invest (and where to save your money!).

What if I sign up & it's not right for me?

I completely stand behind every bit of information in this training. It’s the culmination of being in film production for over 15 years, and my personal experience from shooting and editing videos. I know that you will find value in this program, and it will pay for itself over and over again, but due to the digital nature of this program, there are no refunds. Please read the sales page here thoroughly before purchasing, or send us an email at

I'm not just going to show you how to make videos.

We're going to turn your brand into a visual magnet for dream clients. Let's DO this!

Giving Back Rocks.

We are SO lucky to be able to share our gifts. But it’s not like that for a lot of people in this world. In developing countries, billions of people live in poverty, and 70% of them are girls. But it doesn’t have to stay that way if we help.

When you become a member, you are also helping to lift a child (and those around her) out of poverty. Doesn't it feel like heaven when we can do  amazing things with our business and help others?

I’m committing to donating at least 10% of my profits to Because I Am A Girl’s global initiatives to promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls (and those around them) out of poverty.

My mom raised four girls single-handedly, so I‘ve always been an advocate and believer that women have the ability to break barriers and still flourish under hardship. Imagine if we can help these girls grow up with education and the basic necessities, so that she can share her gifts with the world too.

It’s kinda friggin’ cool. And I’m totally diggin’ it.

You in?

Killer branded videos to spread your brand message, AND giving back to communities.

Empowerment has never been more fun.